Research Paper - Brand & Business Consulting Case.

  • Developing a US market Entry Strategy
  • Creating a White Space for Brand Positioning 


  • A very competitive market to enter. 
  • Limited understanding of US Businesses, Small and Large Scale Industries. 
  • New to the market and hence the difficulty to support pull business strategy. 


  • Competitive Research in order to determine the white-space of the brand and a unique offering. 
  • White-space and strengths the company can leverage upon recommended. 
  • Gaps that can be filled by the company was researched and acted upon. 
  • Profile of US market demand to determine consumer, channel and economic requirements.
  • Action plan for media and other distribution channels implemented. 
  • Internal and External Brand training delivered. 


  • Successful launch and entry into the US market. 
  • We were able to close 10 huge accounts on a package model, which was the only company to offer such a model in this space (first-mover advantage). 
  • Detailed Marketing and Digital Marketing plan helped the company be profitable in the first 6 months. 

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