Manufacturing Group - Rebranding Case

    • A diverse product manufacturer group operating under a single name globally wanted to have a consistent look and feel for its different industry range products throughout the different platforms.
    • Consistent Brand Communication for Europe, USA and India companies, abiding with the legal compliance of different countries.

      • A very wide range of industry i.e. healthcare, automotive, aerospace etc to be segregated but connected through brand communication. 
      • Certain logos or names cannot be used in certain countries due to trademark issues and hence have a different logo for the same company. 
      • Different countries have different laws that need to be abided by. 


      • Created a single-page website to showcase all the industries being served for the internal and external team to understand the process and business of the parent group, with links attached to their respective individual websites. 
      • IP driven websites for companies that could only use a certain type of logo in India and not in other countries, making sure the correct logo is showcased on the same website for users coming from different countries.  
      • Created a storyboard of each company for customers to understand the link between the parent company and its counterpart. 


      • Successful consistent brand communication through aesthetics and content 
      • A sense of knowledge amongst the employees working globally about the parent companies whole vision. 
      • Enforcing of story and vision/values of the company through branding and storytelling. 

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