Barter System - Branding, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing and Business Consulting Case.

  • Researching on the client’s idea about its chances in the market 
  • Creating a functional website with unique features that allow bartering online 
  • Creating a business model and understanding market behaviour 
  • Creating and Executing a Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy 


  • Creation of an online barter system with security 
  • The completely new idea of a barter system to be tested for scaling opportunities 
  • Creating a marketing strategy for users to understand the importance of the barter economy 


  • Created a secured website to exchange good worldwide through an online platform, reducing customer risk and frauds. 
  • Created a minimal viable product to test the market locally and understand the user persona to validate the idea and save costs. 
  • Created a Marketing Strategy to pull audiences. 
  • Created a marketing strategy where the company leveraged on the first-mover advantage. 


  • In the first month after launch, the website had 100,000 users 
  • In the first month, there were 500 successful exchanges taken place through the platform 
  • Proper planning and direction setting helped the company to understand the idea much better and the iterations to be done in order for it to become successful. 

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