Who we are


StackNexus’s mission is to enable enterprises to put the power back to business users to drive business value.
We help enterprises transform and modernize their processes by leveraging no code/low code platforms that delivers value at every step of the journey.

Our Values

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Our Story

Founded in 2017, StackNexus is headquartered in New York, with offices in India, Dubai and Singapore.

We believe in Low Code, No Shore solutions creating state of the art products. StackNexus strongly believes in value creation for our customers. We measure ourselves with the value that we created for our customers. StackNexus is automating and simplifying business processes. The solutions are built by stepping in our customers’ shoes and empathetically understanding their business challenges, improving the efficiencies for our customers. This in turn helps the company achieve greater productivity and prospects.

Meet our Team

Suman Akula


Pankaj Hingane

Director of Delivery

Prem Pal

Director of Business Development

Neha Bhardwaj

Director of Solutions

Debashis Sadhya

Director of Global Staffing

Ryan McCormack

Salesforce Solution Architect

Awards & Recognition


Happy Employees

Happy Employees make Happy Products. Our teams work empathetically to provide business solutions

Scalable Team Size

We understand not all challenges are similar, some are more complex than others. For this same reason, we have highly skilled Developers, Architects, and Business Analysts that will provide you with the best solutions in an affordable investment.

Holistic Implementation Ownership

We take pride in our people being skilled in Business Maturity. We have a great team that follows a process of Listening, Planning, Building, and Deploying tailor-made solutions.

Zero Disruptions to Current Operations

We understand how important it is for the show to keep going on and our team builds solutions such that it is easily integrated to your current business operations without disrupting the flow and structure of your organization.

Quick Deployment

We understand the importance of going live at the earliest, one of the reasons for our success is we make sure to deploy services well beyond the promised time frame so that our customers can make a quick ROI on their investment.

Friendly Support

Our people are a great mix of tech and humane, we understand the frustration of getting stuck and make sure to help you solve your problems as humanly as possible.

Meaningful Relationship

We do not only limit ourselves to business services catering to our expertise. Our relationships do not end at the closure of the deal or project life cycle. We want to learn and build meaningful relationships in all walks of life.

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