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We have an employee-first policy, we believe Happy Employees make Happy Customers.


At StackNexus we foster equality and only focused on your talent rather than gender, race, creed, or orientation.


We don’t just hire employees we nurture leaders at all levels developing their technical and people skills.


At StackNexus we foster equality in all aspects of work and life and are only focused on your talent.


Every deserving team member is recognized duly for their efforts in taking the company values forward.


Every employee in the company can spend 8 hours a week to do and work and whatever they would want to do.

At StackNexus we have an employee-first policy, we believe Happy Employees make Happy Customers.

Empathy is not just an emotion at StackNexus but engraved deep in our company roots and values thus cultivating a productive, learning, and growing community. We are concocting a space of collectiveness that directly helps impact lives internally and externally of our employees and clients through the solutions created by our team.

Instead of a competitive atmosphere, we develop a co-operative environment that enables accessibility and a platform for individuals to take responsibility, showcase their ideas, learn, and grow immensely.


We are moving fast, with a vision, mission, and purpose. If you wish to join or wagon and add meaning to our company we would be more than happy to have you. 

We wish to be the most trusted Salesforce and Cloud Computing company that companies can depend upon. If you want to showcase your skills and thrive in a unique environment, STACKNEXUS is the place for you.

We have a global reach in New York, India, Dubai and Singapore. If you wish to create your mark and impact the work, do join us.