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Get everything you need to connect with customers—all in one place and available anytime, anywhere.

Close more deals

Sales Cloud helps you keep track of all your customer information and interactions in a single place that’s accessible from anywhere, any time. Always have the most up-to-date contact information, find experts inside your organization to quickly answer customer questions, and see all relevant customer activities to move deals forward

Get more leads

Not everyone who visits a site or responds to an email is a lead. Sales Cloud helps nurture those potential customers along until they’re a quality lead who’s ready to buy, then it automatically routes them to the right reps at the right time

Accelerate productivity

Sales Cloud lets you do more, from anywhere. Log calls, respond to hot leads, work opportunities, and check dashboards no matter where you are. Drive even more productivity by automating complex business processes.

Make insightful decisions

Sales Cloud dashboards give salespeople a real-time picture of the business at a glance. Detailed customer activity reports help you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determine business priorities, and make smart decisions based on the most up-to-date information.


Rapidly respond to customer needs on any channel and deliver superior customer experiences

360-degree view of your customer

Salesforce Service Console is a unifying contact center experience for agents allowing your organization to have a 360-degree view of each customer and enabling your organization to act fast when inquires, service requests, or problems arise

Empower customers with engaging portals and communities

Customers and partners can quickly find answers to questions without contacting a support agent on Communities.Communities can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and from any device

Deliver personalised support across digital channels

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Increase productivity with intelligent scheduling of the right resources based on time, skills, location, and any other business rule

Powerful scheduling calendar

The resource calendar allows users to self-service schedule their own requests. Your entire service workforce can leverage tools for agents, dispatchers and mobile employees. With Field Service Lightning, you can give your customers a seamless service experience.

Smart mobile app

With the Field Service Lightning mobile app, mobile employees and contractors can share job updates, access knowledge articles, view and update van stock or inventory, generate service reports, and gather signatures from any mobile device, regardless of connectivity

Track milestones easily and model complex SLAs

Field Service Lightning allows you to track milestones on work orders, your organization can link entitlements to work orders and define and track the required steps in your field service process. Your organization can enforce required support steps on work orders and model complex SLAs with hierarchical service contracts that represent complex service-level agreements.


Deliver the right message at the right time throughout all phases of the relationship

Know the customer.

Connect data across multiple sources and devices to gain a unified view of the customer. Capture and activate first-, second-, and third-party data to know your customer, and drive growth by reaching new audience segments.

Personalise with intelligence.

Leverage data and Einstein to orchestrate every interaction with the power of AI. Listen, interpret, and respond to customer intent, and deliver personalised communications in a trusted way.

Engage across the entire journey.

Create two-way, real-time engagement from awareness to advocacy. Dynamically deliver the next best action for each individual at scale.


Marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

Generate more leads and move them quickly through the pipeline

Build intelligent, data-driven programs that generate new leads and speed up your sales cycle – all while allowing customers to forge their own path to purchase.

  • Create the exact customer experience you want within one powerful and flexible builder
  • Easily build dynamic, multifaceted campaigns by making simple decisions at each step
  • Turn sales data into marketing action by triggering campaign activity off of CRM data

Engage buyers on their terms with dynamic, personalized campaigns

Visually map out and test every asset and every touch point in your program to better understand the customer experience.

  • Experience your marketing workflows the way your customers will with visual testing
  • Find and fix gaps in your campaign logic — prior to launch
  • Feel confident upon launching that your campaign will perform

Understand each step from click to close, capturing true marketing ROI

Surface insights right within your canvas to better understand campaign performance and adapt quickly

  • The exact success metrics you need, layered directly on your canvas for a quick glimpse at campaign health
  • Spend less time jumping around between reports and more time making improvements
  • Drill down to learn more about individual asset performance, right in the canvas


Equip your team with 360-degree views that help connect and engage every patient, member, employee, and partner.

Attract more patients with 1-to-1 journeys.

Lay the foundation for enduring patient relationships by giving them personalized, 1-to-1 experiences across every touchpoint, from acquisition through care coordination and ongoing engagement.

Deliver better care with a single view of the patient.

Enable healthcare teams to collaborate seamlessly from a single point of engagement for all patient data. With our intelligent technology, you’ll be able to maximise efficiency while delivering exceptional patient experiences.

Simplify how patients access care.

Connect to patients with a single engagement platform that helps them access the right services faster and drives higher satisfaction, all while reducing your operational costs.


Engage your audiences with beautiful, branded portals, forums, apps and sites.

Brand your experience.

Prebuilt themes can be fully customised to every pixel. Import content and settings from your existing CMS or use our built-in, lightweight CMS.

Seamlessly connect your experience with your customer data.

Infuse communities with data from any system, anywhere. Customers can create and escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Employees can collaborate on and share files.

Build personalised experiences.

Community Cloud automatically suggests connections to experts, groups, and content. Recommendations are based on individual interests, needs, and behaviour, inviting deeper community participation


Complete AI-powered analytics platform that helps discover and visualize trends in data, get predictions and prescriptive recommendations

Connect directly to your CRM data and execute on insights directly.

Einstein Analytics is a powerful platform for building analytics apps for any business need, helping every user instantly understand all your organization’s data, spot patterns, identify trends, share insights, and take action on any device.

Automatically analyze millions of rows of data and get predictive analytics with Einstein Discovery.

AI-powered analytics that enables business users to automatically discover relevant patterns based on their data. Helps users find insights and explain patterns across millions of rows of data in minutes, including patterns spanning interactions of inputs.

Explore data quickly and automate actions with prebuilt apps.

Provide an accelerated start for customers. Analytics templated apps speed your organization’s time-to-value and easily create a complete analytics experience by combining the power of a few templates for different purposes.


Multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels — mobile, social, web, and store.

Optimise the conversion funnel.

Reduce abandoned carts with proven best practices, including saved carts, optimised checkout flows, and payment accelerators.

Empower customer service teams.

Help service agents accelerate over-the-phone orders and check out on behalf of customers with real-time access to digital storefronts and order history.

Offer simple, self-service online buying.

Empower your customers with the same easy, consumer-like shopping experiences they enjoy in their personal life — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Optimise daily B2B functions.

Stock the shelves of your retail stores, enable online ordering of replacements parts, or meet the needs of your distribution or wholesale partners.


Automates the full quote-to-cash process for all business models including one-time, subscription, usage, services, and warranties, helping your teams close complex deals faster


Easily find the right products and services with guided selling, handle complex configurations with bundles and nested configuration, manage contracted pricing and discount approvals, generate contracts and proposals, and create orders from completed quotes.


Deeply customizable CPQ for your business. Customize workflows with advanced approvals, easily split and manage orders with advanced order management, integrate with apps and websites via APIs.

CPQ with Billing

Connect Quotes, Contracts, Orders and Invoices on a Single Platform. Automate and speed up your billing and collection process with features that let you rate usage consumption, automatically apply taxes, and get the power to easily process invoices and automate payment collection.


Scale up quickly to provide loan relief, timely financial guidance, and faster processing of insurance claims.

Deliver experiences that drive client loyalty.

Use sharp client insights and engagement tools to deliver personalised advice anytime, anywhere. With valuable alert reminders, you can wow clients at the right moments as you collaborate on their financial goals.

Deepen and grow your book of business

Benefit from more visibility into existing household opportunities and get a holistic view of managed and held away assets. Plus, with the ability to track referrals from Centers of Influence, you can transform your client base into an active referral network.

Work smarter and maximise every hour

Instantly access all of your client data in one central location so you can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time focusing on client relationships. With a customisable mobile app, advisors can maximise every hour in the office or on the go

Address regulatory compliance with confidence.

Drive repeatable and visible collaboration across the entire firm. Help manage compliance with access to secure client and household profiles. And instantly see who interacted with each client as well as the information that was shared.


Develop meaningful experiences and navigate change faster on a trusted, intelligent platform

Personalize and build apps with Lightning App Builder.

Build apps with a rich library of easily configurable components that let you create pages and responsive apps by simply dragging and dropping. You can even add custom themes and branding to make any experience your own.

Drive business productivity with Process Builder and Lightning Flow. 

Lightning makes it easy to transform complex processes into apps. Drive productivity for every part of your business with Process Builder’s point-and-click workflow and process tools 

Build custom digital experiences fast with Lightning.  

Extend your apps, data, and business processes to your external stakeholders. Integrate CMS content, connect external data, and personalize the experience with CRM data. Deploy fast with an ecosystem of prebuilt themes and components.

Turn spreadsheets into apps with Lightning Object Creator. 

Boost productivity by allowing any employee to quickly turn spreadsheets — such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Quip Spreadsheets — into modern, cloud-based applications with just a few clicks.


"We worked with Stacknexus for Salesforce implementation for our organization. They are knowledgeable, thoughtful and responsive. The work was completed well and in a reasonable amount of time. They not only helped us customize Salesforce to suit our requirements, but our staff got to learn and work with experienced developers to get some valuable insights."

Yatin Suri

The Global Associates
"Stacknexus helped improve our business operations by building a platform that not only helps us solve our current pain points such as time clock and payroll, but also built a platform that can be scaled to future needs. With weekly touch points meant for detailed requirements clarification sessions, walk through of story cards and showing the working software as it was being built, StackNexus delivered a very successful product on time and on budget. Highly recommend them as a Salesforce partner."


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